A student of Life, I am still in school, and I doubt I’ll ever graduate. I am a child of the Sixties and as such, I feel fulfilled when I know that my work makes a positive difference in people’s lives and benefits humanity as a whole. I support social progress and environmental conservation.

I express myself through multiple creative fields, such as music, writing, photography, and crafts. I have the ability to quickly perceive the root of a complex issue. I think in terms of systems. I can synthesize and communicate both holistic and focused solutions. My personality type is INFP.

I hold a degree in Computer Arts/New Media from the Academy of Art University.

This portfolio represents a small sample of my 20-odd years as a designer and creator of digital media. Contact me to get the full story.


Front-end coding, UI/UX, Brand Design, HTML Email, Consulting


HTML, CSS, jQuery, Sitecore, ePublishing, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap